DMX and the Ruff Ryders Reuniting?

Could it be true? are the Ruff Ryders reuniting? If you believe TMZ then the answer is YES.

According to website, DMX and the Ruff Ryders are indeed getting back together and a reunion tour is already in the works. The story goes on to say that Swizz Beatz as already signed on, but Eve and the L.O.X haven’t at this time, but only because DMX hasn’t gotten in touch with them yet.

About the pending reunion X stated: “we are all family and we’re going to come back stronger than when we left … It’s going to take the nation by storm.”

It seems like the newly drug-free DMX is all about business and ready to make this reunion happen,and we’re sure their are plenty of Ruff Ryder fans that would love to see this tour go down.

DMX and the Ruff Ryders Reuniting?

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