Divorce Lawyer Dominic Barbara Has Spaghetti Thrown At His Head

Divorce Lawyer Dominic Barbara has spaghetti thrown at his head, screams “Mayday!” and then calls for a divorce.


Divorce lawyer Dominic Barbara, wife in a marital splat – er, spatBY ANN GIVENS

Dominic Barbara, who has made a mint litigating other people’s messy divorces, got into his own marital spat earlier this week when his wife threw a plate of spaghetti at his head, police records show.

The divorce and defense lawyer, who helped make Long Island infamous by representing the likes of Joey Buttafuoco and Jessica Hahn, suffered a small gash on his forehead when the woman who is both his third and his fourth wife broke the plate on his head, according to police and court documents.

The couple ended a five-year marriage in 2007, and remarried each other that same year. Barbara, 63, would not comment on whether they are planning to divorce again now.

Leslie Barbara, 44, also a divorce lawyer, was arrested and charged with second-degree menacing after the incident Monday.

She spent the night in jail, and Dominic himself bailed her out Tuesday morning, both sides said.

But she was promptly rearrested when police said she violated a restraining order by going back to the couple’s Glen Cove home, court documents show.

The usually flamboyant Barbara said only, “I hope she gets the help she needs.”

In the courtroom, however, Barbara is known to pull outrageous stunts to win settlements for his clients.

“I am literally bigger than life,” he once told Newsday. “the reputation is that if you try a case with me I’m going to — kill you.”

Leslie Barbara’s lawyer, Randy Zelin, of Westbury, would not discuss the spaghetti-throwing incident except to say that he plans to fight the charges and that he is “confident that at the end of the day justice is going to be done.”

Zelin said a misunderstanding led to his client’s second arrest. he said a Glen Cove City Court judge gave Leslie Barbara permission to have her car picked up from the couple’s home. he said in his client’s exhaustion after a night in jail, she misunderstood and went to get the car herself. Police arrested her there.

Divorce Lawyer Dominic Barbara Has Spaghetti Thrown At His Head

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