Disney Unveils Unparalleled Video Game Portfolio at Electronic Entertainment …

LOS ANGELES, Jun 15, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) –Disney Interactive Studios will debut an extensive game portfolio underscored by incredible console games from the company’s industry-leading internal studios during the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2010 (E3), the international interactive entertainment industry trade show being held June 15-17 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Disney’s booth at E3 will feature Disney Epic Mickey, Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned and TRON: Evolution — games based on legendary Disney franchises that push the innovation envelope for Disney Interactive Studios like never before.

The company will also show its self-published console, mobile and online games based on renowned Pixar Animation Studios properties, including Toy story 3: the Video Game and Cars Toon: Mater’s Tall Tales, along with the brand new virtual world, Disney-Pixar World of Cars Online.

In addition, Disney’s newest acquired internal game development studio, Wideload Games, will showcase its family mystery Wii(TM) game, Disney Guilty Party.

Disney Interactive Studios is part of the Disney Interactive Media Group, which creates unique gameplay experiences that take advantage of the latest technology on a variety of platforms, including home consoles, Internet-connected handheld game devices, computers, smart phones and the highly popular iPad(TM).

“Disney Interactive Studios is delivering its most impressive E3 portfolio to date with great games for all major video game consoles,” said Graham Hopper, executive vice president and general manager, Disney Interactive Studios. “Our talented internal game development studios have created unique, innovative games based on Disney properties, as well as original intellectual properties, for a wide audience and the results are outstanding titles that are sure to make an impact at E3 2010.”

Disney Interactive Studios hopes to continue its award-winning tradition. the company delivered the best Racing Game award from the Game Critics Awards: best of E3 two straight years with Split/Second in 2009 and PURE in 2008 — both titles were developed by Black Rock Studio, Disney Interactive Studios’ development studio in Brighton, England. This marked the first time a company was selected for having the best Racing Game two consecutive years with different franchises.

The Disney E3 games line-up includes numerous titles for all systems and devices based on popular entertainment properties. Games that will appear in Disney’s E3 booth include:

Featured Console Games

— Disney Epic Mickey: Disney Epic Mickey is an action-adventure platforming game for Wii that sends Mickey Mouse on an epic journey of creativity and discovery. as Mickey, the player is propelled into Wasteland, an alternate world with lands inspired by Disney’s animated films and theme parks, and is given the power to wield paint and paint thinner to dynamically change the world and determine Mickey’s path to becoming an epic hero. the game is being developed by Disney Interactive Studios’ Junction Point Studios in Austin, Texas. Platform: Wii Release Date: Holiday 2010

— Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned: Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned is an epic action-role playing game that lets players decide what type of pirate legend they want to become. Will they become Legendary, or Dreaded? Set before the blockbuster films, the game is a deep action-RPG that lets players carve out their own story in the Pirates of the Caribbean universe. Developed by Propaganda Games, Disney Interactive Studios’ action and role playing game development studio in Vancouver, British Columbia, Armada of the Damned casts players off on a journey where they will encounter numerous memorable characters, both original and familiar. Platforms: PlayStation(R)3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360(R) video game and entertainment system and Windows PC Release Date: 2011

— TRON: Evolution: TRON: Evolution, also developed by Propaganda Games, is an immersive third-person action-adventure game that pulls the player into the unique digital world of TRON. Players will explore TRON’s cities using the free running climbing phenomenon Parkour, navigate among unique rebel factions, and fight an epic battle against a dictator’s seemingly unstoppable army in the story that bridges the fiction from the original “TRON” film from 1982 and this December’s big screen adventure, “TRON: Legacy.” in addition, TRON: Evolution — Battle Grids, exclusively for Wii, features more than 15 game grid challenges for up to four players. Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 system, Wii, Nintendo DS(TM), PSP(R) (PlayStation(R)Portable) system and Windows PC Release Date: Holiday 2010

— Disney Guilty Party: in this Wii-exclusive mystery game, friends and family play as the savvy sleuths of the world-famous Dickens Detective Agency to investigate a series of crimes and identify the guilty party. the Wii Remote(TM) is used to collect clues and interrogate suspects via fun pick-up-and-play mini-games in this title created by Disney Interactive Studios’ Chicago game development studio, Wideload Games. Platform: Wii Release Date: August 31, 2010

Pixar Animation Studios Properties

— Toy story 3: the Video Game: Working in close collaboration with Pixar Animation Studios, Avalanche Software has created an authentic Toy story experience with Toy story 3: the Video Game that celebrates the power of imagination and pure joy of play. in the unique Toy Box Mode, players can unleash their imagination with Andy’s Toys and create their own stories in an open world environment. in addition, the story Mode touches on some great key moments from Toy story 3, as well as the previous Toy story films. Avalanche Software is Disney Interactive Studios’ family games development studio in Salt Lake City. Platforms: Wii, PlayStation3 system, Xbox 360, Windows PC, Mac, Nintendo DS and PSP system. Release Date: available Now

— Disney-Pixar World of Cars Online: Disney-Pixar World of Cars Online is the newest addition to Disney’s popular portfolio of online virtual worlds for kids. Based on the hit Disney*Pixar animated feature, Disney-Pixar World of Cars Online is a browser-based virtual world where kids create their own Car and join Lightning McQueen, Mater and the beloved cast of Disney-Pixar Cars in all new adventures in Radiator Springs. Scheduled to release later this Summer, Disney-Pixar World of Cars Online gets kids revved up to design and customize their Cars avatar, make new friends, play fun games, race on cool tracks and interact with their favorite Cars characters. Platforms: Windows PC and Mac Release Date: Summer 2010

— Cars Toon: Mater’s Tall Tales: A follow-up to last year’s hit Toy story Mania!, Cars Toon: Mater’s Tall Tales for Wii is part of the Mania! game franchise, featuring fast-paced, multiplayer, family fun. Cars Toon: Mater’s Tall Tales will feature a large collection of pick-up-and-play games inspired by Disney*Pixar’s popular “Mater’s Tall Tales” animated short series. the game will bring Mater together with Lightning McQueen and the “Cars” gang for a new set of adventures, capturing the endearing sense of humor of everyone’s favorite tow truck. Players will join Mater and his pals as they relive the wild stories he conjures up about hilariously unpredictable events that may or may not have taken place. Platform: Wii Release Date: Fall 2010

Club Penguin

— Club Penguin Game Day!: marking the franchise’s video game console debut, Club Penguin Game Day! will include innovative ways to connect with ClubPenguin.com and new, interactive mini-games to challenge and engage the whole family. in Club Penguin Game Day!, players create and customize a penguin and compete in a variety of single or multiplayer sports-themed racing and performance events such as Java Sack, Fast Freeze, Sled & Slide and Sumo Smash. Each time players beat a challenge, they conquer a zone on the island. the ultimate goal is for players to work with their team and conquer as much territory as possible. Platform: Wii Release Date: September 2010

— Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert’s Revenge: Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert’s Revenge is the much-anticipated follow-up to the highly successful Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, which was released in 2008. the game follows the misadventures of Herbert, a vegetarian polar bear who can’t swim, dislikes the cold and inhabits the snow-covered virtual island of Club Penguin. Herbert is joined by other popular Club Penguin characters such as Gary the Gadget Guy, Dot and Rookie. Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert’s Revenge introduces new mini-games and features mission-based gameplay that’s been embraced by kids around the world, both online at ClubPenguin.com and on DS. Platform: Nintendo DS Release Date: available Now

— Club Penguin: Club Penguin is a snow-covered, online playground where millions of children from around the world play games, interact with friends and let their imaginations soar. the popular virtual word from Disney Online is available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, and is enjoyed by children and families in more than 190 countries. With its continually evolving content and proven commitment to safety, the virtual world of Club Penguin offers fun for kids and peace of mind for parents. Platforms: Windows PC and Mac Release Date: available Now

Kingdom Hearts Franchise

— KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep: A prequel to the mega-hit series created by Square Enix, KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep uncovers the beginnings of the KINGDOM HEARTS saga, long before Sora was chosen by his Keyblade. Developed exclusively for the PSP system, this pivotal installment takes players through iconic Disney worlds in a unique gaming experience that unfolds through the perspectives of three main characters: Terra, Ventus and Aqua. KINGDOM HEARTS is one of the video game industry’s most beloved series, with more than 14 million copies shipped worldwide. Discover the origins of its captivating story with KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep. Platform: PSP system Release Date: September 7, 2010

Disney Sing It Franchise

— Disney Sing It: Family Hits: Disney Sing It: Family Hits features beloved songs and videos for the whole family from popular all-time classic Disney films including “Cinderella,” “Sleeping Beauty,” “Mary Poppins” and “The Jungle Book,” as well as contemporary favorites from films like “The Princess and the Frog,” “The Lion King,” “Aladdin,” “Cars” and more. Platforms: Wii and PlayStation 3 system Release Date: Summer 2010

— Disney Sing It: Party Hits: Disney Sing It: Party Hits offers the ultimate video game singing experience featuring a mix of top pop songs and videos from a diverse mix of chart-topping popular artists from a variety of music labels. Players will have a blast competing with and against friends in numerous multiplayer modes. Platforms: Wii and PlayStation 3 system Release Date: Fall 2010

Disney Fairies Franchise

— Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue: Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue invites players to create their own fairy while flying into Fairy Camp. Players will adventure through the English countryside and explore all new locations to find and grow the rare Rainbow Lily. along the way, fans will complete quests and take part in a wide variety of mini-games that will use specific fairy talents. Platform: Nintendo DS Release Date: Fall 2010

— Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow: the Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow online virtual world is buzzing with excitement as new content and updated features are being added to the robust world. an exciting new feature called Animal Friends recently launched in the Hollow, where Fairies and Sparrow Men choose a baby animal to care for and nurture. Additionally, this summer, Fairy players can fly to an immersive virtual summer camp in Pixie Hollow called Camp Pixie Dust. the online world is constantly changing with new games, activities and events for Fairies and Sparrow Men to enjoy. Fans of the game have created more than 27 million personalized Fairy avatars to date that can take flight in the virtual world of Pixie Hollow. Platforms: Windows PC and Mac Release Date: available Now

Disney Channel Properties

— Disney Channel all Star Party: Disney Channel all Star Party provides fans with a truly immersive experience as Disney Channel worlds collide for the first time allowing players to explore different locations and interact with characters from their favorite Disney Channel shows including “Sonny with A Chance,” “Wizards of Waverly Place” and “JONAS” like never before. Platform: Wii Release Date: Fall 2010

Mobile Games

Many of Disney’s games for mobile devices are integrated with upcoming Disney Interactive Studios’ console and handheld games. Games are in development for all existing and emerging mobile platforms.

— Toy story 3 App: Disney Interactive Studios is also releasing a new, free Toy story 3 App for the iPhone(R) and iPod touch(R). A Franchise Portal on the iPhone, the Toy story 3 App lets fans play, personalize and stay connected to their favorite Toy story characters, stories and happenings. the app offers free and premium content such as Woody’s Greeting, Woody’s Wild Ride, Toy story Digicomics, Operation Camouflage and Sound Around. Users will also be rewarded for exploring, playing and purchasing new apps with collectable, Toy Story-themed virtual Pins. the Toy story 3 App is free to download with premium pricing for additional games and activities ranging from $0.99 to $3.99. Woody’s Wild Ride is also available on all major wireless carriers. Platforms: iPhone and iPod touch Release Date: available Now

— Disney.com – the Disney App is everything people love and expect from Disney in one free custom application. Players can find their favorite Disney characters, play custom games, watch videos and listen to music at the touch of a finger. Platforms: iPhone and iPod touch Release Date: available Now

— ESPN Pinball for iPad: ESPN Pinball offers a new twist on classic arcade gameplay with realistic pinball-themed tables for players’ favorite sports. Optimized for the iPad with amazing 3D graphics, solid game controls and deluxe scoreboard display, the app is packed with features including mini-games, unique basketball sound effects and play-by-play voiceover by “ESPN Sports Center” host Jay Harris. Platform: iPad Release Date: available Now

— JellyCar 2 for iPad – the sequel to the hit driving platform game, JellyCar 2 allows players to drive a squishy car through squishy worlds to reach an exit. JellyCar 2 for iPad comes fully loaded with more than 30 levels, power-ups, new two-player modes, redesigned custom level editor and optimized graphics. Platform: iPad Release Date: available Now

For additional information and assets, please visit Disney’s official E3 press site at www.dimgmedianet.com/E3 .

About Disney Interactive Studios

Disney Interactive Studios, part of Disney Interactive Media Group, is the interactive entertainment affiliate of the Walt Disney Company /quotes/comstock/13*!dis/quotes/nls/dis (DIS 35.06, -0.09, -0.26%) . Disney Interactive Studios self publishes and distributes a broad portfolio of multi-platform video games and interactive entertainment worldwide. the company also licenses properties and works directly with other interactive game publishers to bring products for all ages to market. Disney Interactive Studios is based in Glendale, California, and has internal development studios around the world. for more information, log on to http://www.disneyinteractivestudios.com .

(C) Disney. Product names, release dates and features may be subject to change.

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Disney Unveils Unparalleled Video Game Portfolio at Electronic Entertainment …

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