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Things Id like to see from the Android Community (Google, Carriers & Devs)

1. please, please !! spend more money on advertisement and making your products known !! everywhere I look there’s apple products, from movies, to commercials to news programs, apple apple apple !! I’m sick of it.  why are there so many products (LG G-Slate) that are completely unknown to the average consumer?  wanna know why the iPad sells so well, because people know about it. wanna know why the Kindle fire outsold all other Android tablets combined, because people know about it.

2. make beautifully designed products so they are as appealing as any iDevice. all you ever hear from apple fan boys is how “ugly” Android phones are, they don’t give squat about how underpowered and restricted their iPhones are, all they care about is how beautiful a device it is.

3. FIX THE ANDROID MARKET, its a mess !! why is there no way of knowing when NEW apps hit the market? why is there no “New” tab so I can skip past all the old apps that have been sitting there for months. ALSO fix the search feature of the Market which is a disgrace and never returns the results you’re looking for but instead returns results for apps that have NOTHING to do with what you’re looking for.

4. Devs need to make sure their apps work as advertised and work with all devices. absolutely NO EXCUSE why the newest Android phones can run the most recent apps. !!

5. stop the abuse !! (cough cough Gameloft) people pay for their games and are then asked for more money to “continue” playing–outrageous amounts like up to $200 for Gameloft games.

Developers: an Android 2011 Retrospective – SlashGear

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