Detroit Tigers Chances in 2009

In the 108th season of Tigers Baseball, it really was a huge disappointment. one of the best fielding third baseman in the game today was forced to play catcher, Miguel Cabrera, though his bat warmed up later in the season, was rustier then a barn nail trying to play first base. though we were predicted to win the AL Central Division, it took the Tigers 8 games into the season to get there first win, and by mid September their chances were all but done. it was a season riddled with injuries, but more importantly bad defense. Edgar Renteria signed with the San Francisco Giants this off-season for 18.5 million dollars which tells me the management in San Fran aren’t big Tiger fans, or they would’ve seen how much he declined at the shortstop position. Yes there was a lot of disappointment last year but I have some points why the 2009 season will be a little more exciting for Tigers fans.

I will start out where I left off; the Tigers replaced Renteria with Adam Everett. We knew the Tigers were not going to go out this off-season and unload a lot of money, but he seems like a good cheap fix at one million dollars for one year. I think you could glue a glove to a stick and that’s a major upgrade from Renteria. They also signed Gerald Laird and Matt Treanor allowing Inge to move back to third base. Carlos Guillen will be moved to left field to keep his bat in the lineup which is an easy transition for most players. and a move I found under the radar, yet extremely important would be the signing of Brandon Lyon. Going to be honest, not going to miss Todd Jones living up to his nickname rollercoaster. definitely not sold on Fernando Rodney closing, so it’s another cheap deal the Tigers made to make themselves better.

The deal for the 2009 season for the Tigers would be up to the bullpen. They need Verlander back to his old self, Zumaya healthy and seeing Dontrelle reach old form would be unexpected, but well appreciated. with two possible Verlander’s in the minors (Rick Porcello, Ryan Perry) the bullpen I promise will look better then last season. Let’s just hope Bonderman fully recovered.

Detroit Tigers Chances in 2009

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