Despite His Proximity to Tebow, Broncos Radio Announcer Fired As High School Football Coach

While Jesus Christ is busy leading the Denver Broncos through the AFC playoffs, His guiding hand apparently couldn’t help the team’s radio play-by-play announcer, Dave Logan keep his job as a high school football coach.

Logan, calling the latest miracle performed by Jesus through His quarterback, Tim Tebow.

On Jan. 11, three days after his call of Tebow’s game-winning playoff touchdown pass, Logan was fired from his coaching position at Mullen High, an independent Catholic school in Denver. He was 110-12, with four state titles, in nine years at Mullen, following successful runs at two other Colorado high schools.

According to a Jan. 13 Denver Post story, wins and losses weren’t the issue in Logan’s firing. A big problem was Logan could not get on the good side of his higher power — Mullen president and CEO Ryan Clement.

Clement is a Mullen graduate who went on to become a starting quarterback at the University of Miami. He is an attorney who works for a lobbying and communications group in Denver. and like Logan, Clement wanted to have a coaching job, too, according to the Post.

From the Post:

But sources confirmed that trouble started before last season, when Mullen administrators wanted as many as three in-building assistants on Logan’s staff, including Clement as a possible quarterbacks coach. Logan would only allow that change is “their prerogative.”

New Mullen principal Jim Gmelich, who came to the school last year from Regis Jesuit, has refused to comment since the story broke Wednesday. Gmelich and Clement were prominent in making the decision to fire Logan, along with the board of trustees, which approved the move.

Clement, however, told the Post the issue was Logan’s celebrity (he’s also a radio talk show host) and a desire to have a full-time staff member as Mullen’s coach. Logan was unpaid, and spread what would have been his coaching salary among his assistants. From the Post:

[Clement said] the popular talk show host and longtime Broncos announcer had become the face of the school and that’s not what the new administration wanted, especially from someone who didn’t work at the school full time.

“In the case of Coach Logan, he had a greater celebrity outside, which was even magnified more,” Clement said. “The analysis of the impact on our culture is magnified by how the head football coach engages within the school. For that position, we felt we needed to have (the coach) be full-time faculty.

“if our greatest asset is our football coach, who’s not here very often, you can see it’s not who we’ve been.”

Logan, despite his very public platforms, has avoided talking tried to take the high road about the particulars of  his firing.

Logan won’t be out of work as a coach for long. Denver media report schools are already lining up to make him an offer. That’s no surprise. Not only has he won (his career high school coaching record is 201-43), but he also is extremely popular both among his Mullen players and students (who staged a protest after his firing), and among the Denver public at large, for reasons that have nothing to do with his proximity to Tebow.

Logan was a legendary athlete in high school in Colorado, and at the University of Colorado. He was drafted by the NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball, but picked football, playing eight seasons as wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns and one season with the Denver Broncos, where his career ended in 1984. He’s called Broncos games for 15 seasons.

With that resume, Logan doesn’t need a Jesus Tebow miracle to find coaching work.

Despite His Proximity to Tebow, Broncos Radio Announcer Fired As High School Football Coach

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