David Archuleta Biography

The David Archuleta Biography begins on December 28, 1990 when he was born in Miami Florida. his mother, Lupe Marie, was a salsa singer and dancer from Honduras. when he was six, his family moved to Sandy, Utah which is near Salt Lake City.

Soon after that, he got into music after watching the Les Miserables video. He got was first noticed when he was 10 when he won the Utah Talent Competition’s Children’s Division with his rendition of Dolly Parton’s I will always love you.

One year later, he made his television debut on the Jenny Jones show. the segment was on future Latino stars.

When he was 12, he was the Junior Vocal Champion on the Star Search 2 series.

Shortly after that, he was diagnosed with partial Vocal Paralysis. He decided not to risk surgery and now says he is fully recovered, but for several years, he limited his singing performances.

He was inspired by the first season of American Idol and was especially taken by the performances of Tamyra Gray and eventual winner Kelly Clarkson.

He was also inspired by his mother who frequently performed Salsa music alongside his four sisters. He has said that music from Latin America has been a big influence in his life.

But there have been a number of popular American musicians who have influenced him as well including Natalie Cole, Stevie wonder, and Bryan Adams. Archuleta says he tries to infuse pop music with a soulful vibe.

Archuleta was selected to compete on American Idol when he was just 17. because he was a minor, his parents had to be with him. He also had to attend school during the competition.

Like season 2 contestant Clay Aiken, Archuleta did not let a second place outcome keep him from making great music deals after American Idol was over. He signed with Jive Records and released the self titled David Archuleta record on November 11, 2008 which has already sold 1.5 million digital copies.

And that is the David Archuleta biography – one that has a whole lot more writing to do as this young musician’s career progresses.

David Archuleta Biography

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