Current Health Events – Depression and Sleep

Current health events are always helping the medical science to find their ways in the world of medicine and it is through the discoveries of these events that they are able to find the right choices and avoid the wrong ones in the long run.

In the latest current health events, it has been found that sleep can play a very important role in cases of depression in adolescents. in their latest research, the college of physicians and surgeons of Columbia University of new York are looking into the facts behind this research.

The research included the sleep times that the parents inculcate on their children, the amount of hours that the children sleep for up to their teens and the pattern of their sleep. they are also trying to find out the difference between regular sleeping hours compared to the same amount of hours however at different times of the night.

Current health events have also shown that many teens don’t have very good sleeping habits and although they do sleep for more than 8 hours per day the time of going to sleep is late and getting up in the morning is also late. Depression due to lack of sleep is a very common symptom; however, there are other factors that are being studied to see the real difference that they can make.

The research gave very specific demonstration of the point that children whose parents allowed them to go to be after 11.00 pm or later are much more prone to depression and anxiety than those who were given an earlier bed time table.

Other current health events have also been able to clarify the point that sleep is deeper during the hours before midnight and the sleep that you get after midnight is not so deep and you need to take these factors into consideration at all times.

Being able to allow your children and teens to have better sleep habits may therefore be a very good way of avoiding problems like depression in teens and in people of all ages in general. Sleep deprivation can cause the energy levels to go down and automatically you will feel down and irritated at the same time. once your brain gets into that pattern, then it becomes difficult for the brain to find a better way to handle itself.

These current health events are always allowing you to become more aware of the things that you can always do to improve your health and the health of your family in general.

Current Health Events – Depression and Sleep

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