Crystal Palace reveal possible new badge designs (From Streatham Guardian)

Crystal Palace reveal possible new badge designs

7:40am Tuesday 17th January 2012 in

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Crystal Palace Football Club has revealed six possible designs for a new official club logo.

the designs, produced by six professional graphic designers and fans of the club, will replace the existing logo, introduced 17 years ago.

Voting for the new designs, displayed on the official club website, opened on Monday January 16 and will close on Monday January 30.

Mike Sinnerton, a spokesman for the club, said: “The new owners wanted to update and modernise the crest.

“The reaction has been mixed some people like the badge as it is, the tradition of it.

“Initially, at the launch of the idea at the start of the season, we had four designs but since then we have added a further two. We hope fans will get involved in the process.”

Each of the six symbols include an eagle, a pointer to the club’s nickname.

Web designers have also allowed fans to have a sneak preview of how the emblem will look on merchandise and around the ground, with a gallery available for each option.

Voting is open to season ticket holders, members, half-season ticket holders and members of the 6 and 12 initiative.

To vote email with a list of your top three preferences and include your individual client number.

The badges are shown below:

Badge a:

Badge B:

Badge C:

Badge D:

Badge E:

Badge F:

Crystal Palace reveal possible new badge designs (From Streatham Guardian)

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