Conan Premiere: O’Brien Welcomes Seth Rogen and Jack White

For his premiere of Conan, O’Brien will welcome Seth Rogen and Jack white as guests, tonight on TBS.

Conan O’Brien’s late night talk show simply titled Conan debuts tonight on TBS at 11 o’clock.  it has been a long, winding ride to get here involving fights with NBC that forbade him from being on TV and potential legal fights over which of his signature characters he could use on his new show. Conan O’Brien got around the ban from TV by taking his show on the road. He and his team of writers put together a variety show that included skits, songs and Conan talking to the audience and played before sold out theaters all over the nation. Conan did this partially as a creative outlet and partially because it would provide a way for him to keep his whole staff employed while he waited to get a new TV show.

Tonight, as his new show airs, he has some stiff competition, but is handling it in typical Conan fashion. after running an online poll to see who the very first guest on the new show will be, rumor has it that the winner is Arlene Wagner who is the owner and curator of the Levenworth Nutcracker Museum. it is classic Conan O’Brien. when everyone else would lead with the biggest star they could book, Conan gets a woman who collects nutcrackers.

But tonight also has some star power. He also has actor Seth Rogen and musician Jack White. Conan is a huge White Stripes fan. They were the band that played on his last show as Late Night host so it seems fitting to bring Jack in to open up the new show.

Andy Richter is also back on the couch as Conan’s sidekick. for O’Brien it is like everything that was once old is new again. You might say it is reaching into the past for a new beginning. however you look at it, I expect Conan O’Brien to be funny, absurd, over the top and awkward. in other words I expect him to be vintage Conan.

Conan Premiere: O’Brien Welcomes Seth Rogen and Jack White

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