Common Says ‘Sweet’ Track Does Not Diss Drake

Post by Portia Williams, Dec 1, 2011 at 11:01 am

Common explained in an interview with V103 Atlanta’s ‘The Frank and Wanda Morning Show’ that the lyrics of his recent single ‘Sweet’ are not, as some have alleged, a diss directed at Drake. Common released the track and the official ‘Sweet’ video in November as the third single on his upcoming album ‘The Dreamer/The Believer’ which is set to drop on December 20th.

In the song, Common takes shots at “soft” rappers when he rhymes, “Singing all around me man, la la la / you ain’t motherfucking Frank Sinatra.” many maintained that the line was directed at Drake pointing to the Canadian rapper’s promo and entrance at the MTV VMA’s where he emulated Sinatra.

According to Common the diss isn’t directed at any specific musician, but added that if the shoe fits then that’s who he was rhyming about before concluding that he respected at least some of Drake’s music. “Some people have been saying that, but on that song, I’m just talking about whoever the cap fits. I’m talking about rappers out there that’s soft and doing the same thing. so if the cap fits, then that’s who it is. That’s all it is. It’s whoever the cap fits, then let ‘em wear it. I think it’s a lot of creative artists out there. I think Drake makes some good music,” Common said on the Atlanta radio show.

Common also named in the interview the rapper’s he thought had depth including Kanye West, Nas, and Andre 3000 as well as rapper’s that he simply enjoyed listening to such as Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole.

The video for ‘Sweet’ shows Common walking through the crowded streets of Haiti passing dilapidated buildings and piles of rubble that still remain from the earthquake the country suffered in 2010. The choice of location for the shooting of the video makes Common one of the many celebrities that have used their star power to bring attention to the Caribbean nation.

Common Says ‘Sweet’ Track Does Not Diss Drake

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