Cleveland Browns: 6 Things to Do While the Team Rebuilds

Since “winning” the cover of EA’s Madden ’12, Peyton Hillis has gone from our underdog folk hero to slapstick heel.

After getting off to a great start, highlighted by his performance against Indianapolis, Hillis’ season has become a virtual comedy noire of errors. Missed a game with strep throat. Then a mild hamstring pull. he even missed a public appearance at a local Boys and Girls Club.

To make matters worse, it’s a contract year. You know what that means.

Cleveland’s got a history of seeing promising players leave. in my lifetime, I’ve seen the departures of Joe Carter, Ernest Byner, Bernie Kosar, Bill Belichick, Ron Harper, Jim Thome, Cliff Lee, C.C. Sabathia and—the masterpiece of them all—LeBron James.

As Pittsburgh radio host Mark Madden said, “All they had to do was get the stench of Cleveland out of their nostrils, and BOOM! They’re champions.”

We don’t wanna say it, but this is looking all too familiar, isn’t it? Right down to the Boys and Girls Club, even.

Aside from the actions being similar, there’s no other similarities between James and Hillis. It’s like we searched for the anitidote for No. 23/6. we found it and…”Oh, no. again? Really?”

Only in Cleveland could this really gain even a local zeitgeist, where his potential departure would be the complimentary “Fumble” to James’ “Drive.”

Of course, where Dan Gilbert had only a softer franchise tag to offer more money, Mike Holmgren’s got the hard franchise tag that can guarantee him staying. But building on the trust we suddenly thrust upon him hasn’t fit very well so far.

We know he’s been capable of earning our respect on the field. This would be the perfect time to smooth things over off the field to see if he’s really a champion of Cleveland or just trying to win,  whether or not it’s in Cleveland.

Cleveland Browns: 6 Things to Do While the Team Rebuilds

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