Classy Bars With Cheaper Drink Menus

The city of New York has a lot to offer to its people. this beautiful place is always active and apparently driven by the glamour and glitz. and if you are willing to explore this city, you can get few of the best and classy bars that offer awesome drink menus at very cheap rates. New York people are very lively and like to relax mostly in a bar with a chilled bottle of drink. but the menu may not allow them to enjoy. New York City has loads of bars which are among the best in the world and the prices are also very high. but this place also has great bars with low price.

Some of the classy bars in New York that offers great drinks at cheaper rates are:

Blarney Clove: it is situated at 510 E, 14th Street, nr. Ave. A; 212-473-9284. How much would you expect a drink would cost in a place where a guy named Popeye is a bar tender. Step in to this lovely bar and drink till you feel over drunk as the money is not a barrier here. you get superb services and a lot of choices of drinks. A treat at this place can be the best venue to throw a party as these bars are classy and you have no tension about your pocket.

Blue and Gold Tavern: it is positioned at the 79 E. 7th Street, near first Avenue; 212-473-8918. this cool and classy bar offer superb drinks to its guest from all the corner of the world for only about $5 until the time of 1 a.m. At times, this bar offer discount on drinks as a happy time hour. the drinks here are plenteous and the mixed drinks are offered at an amount of about $3 all through the night.

Continental: it is situated at the 510 25 3rd Avenue, at Street marks Pl; 212-529-6924. this brilliant bar has reconsidered its hook to the low price booze. all the things served like the margaritas and frozen mudslides is offered at a place which is very less, say about only $5. the tap beer is served at a very low price which is even difficult to imagine. you can get a drink at a price of about a single buck at special events. and good quality drinks of 5 shots are served at only $10.

Turkey’s Nest Tavern: it is positioned at 94 Bedford Avenue, at N. 12th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn; 718-384-9774. you would love to visit this place. and if you by any chance ask for a happy hour, you would surely make a mockery of yourself as this classy bar has happy hours all the time. this superb bar can be possibly a great place to throw a drink party as it won’t cost you much and will surely have a gala time here.

In a place where a pint of beer may cost as much as $10, there is no dearth of the classy bars with loads of drinks which are so cheap and make you feel as if it is the time of 1960s. so, collect all your unused change and smack the city

Classy Bars With Cheaper Drink Menus

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