City’s got beef as New York slighted in mag’s burger rankings 

“I find that amazing,” said Ed Tretter, who owns the well-reviewed burger joints 67 Burger in Brooklyn and Black Shack in Manhattan.

He said he never would have imagined Providence would top the list and was equally dumbfounded that Philadelphia came in second.

Chicago and Houston were next, followed by the unexpected San Juan, Puerto Rico. Los Angeles, which he said is “doing a lot of great things with burgers,” didn’t appear until 10th place.

“It definitely was surprising,” Travel & Leisure executive editor Rich Beattie said of the results. “I think even Providence was surprised.”

the rankings were gleaned from 60,000 reader votes submitted last summer, and let’s just say a few chads may have been left hanging.

“This is not a scientific survey,” Beattie said. “Ballot box stuffing is absolutely encouraged.”

so New Yorkers will stand on line for an hour for the privilege of buying a Shake Shack burger, but they apparently couldn’t be bothered to fill out a survey.

Providence, meanwhile, was so thrilled with its no. 1 standing, the tourism board made a promotional video touting it.

Spokeswoman Kristen Adamo said the honor wasn’t a big shock since the city of 175,000 tends to do well on food surveys.

“We have Johnson & Wales University, one of the best culinary schools in the country,” she said.

For those who don’t want to make the 180-mile trek to Rhode Island for a hunk of ground meat, the magazine does single out a few local favorites: the $8 bistro burger at the Corner Bistro in the West Village. Boulud’s $32 DB burger, and a $17 number at Bar on Bowery that’s topped with confit pork belly, tomato-onion compote and Morbier.

City’s got beef as New York slighted in mag’s burger rankings 

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