Ciara’s Rise to Fame

Ciara’s full name is Ciara Princess Harris. she was born in 1985 in the city of Austin, Texas. Ciara’s father was a member of the United States Army so she spent most of her younger years on army bases throughout the United States and Germany.

Ciara’s family finally settled down in Atlanta where she spent a large portion of her teen years. she decided to pursue a career in the music industry while seeing Destiny’s Child during a television performance while Ciara was home from school. she started a singing group with two friends of hers shortly thereafter. The group was called Hearsay and they managed to record several demos before parting ways due to disagreements between the members.

The singer’s first taste of success in the industry was with a song performed by Fantasia Barrino, which Ciara wrote. It wasn’t long after that she met Jazze Pha who is a music producer. The two quickly recorded several demos, including 1, 2 Step, which became the second single off of her debut album.

On September 28, 2004 Ciara’s debut album was released in the United States. The album, titled Goodies, went platinum three times and was eventually released on the international stage. There were three singles released from the album. The title track was the most successful and reached number one in three different countries.

The second album released by Ciara was titled The Evolution and has been certified platinum. The album didn’t see the same success as Goodies, but still sparked a tour. in 2007 Ciara was awarded a World Music Award in the category of World’s Best Selling Female R&B Artist.

Fantasy Ride was the title of Ciara’s third album and was released in May of 2009 after several delays. she was Billboard’s Woman of the Year for 2008 which made up for some of the lack of success of the album. Love Sex Magic was the highest climbing single from the album and peaked at number ten.

Ciara’s next album is expected out in 2010 and it is probably a safe bet that we haven’t heard the best from this music sensation yet.

Ciara’s Rise to Fame

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