Ch’i Lin – The Dragon Horse

OH MY, a Dragon Grandpa, I am scared So typical of the youth of today who have grown up in fear of the ferocious Western Dragon that has been depicted in film and television as a fire breathing monster with wings and claws that would love to do you harm. the Eastern Dragon is so much the opposite and gets a bad reputation from his more popular counterpart. I am here to tell you of one of the good guys, Ch’I Lin, also referred to as the Dragon Horse.

You see what my grandson did not realize is the Eastern Dragon is a great animal that would never think of hurting you; instead he would be more likely to give you a gift or to offer you assistance. He is docile, friendly, would make a great companion, and can educate you in many ways. So it is with Ch’I Lin, the Dragon Horse.

He is said to have first appeared at the palace of Emperor Huang-ti in 2697 BC. Lore also indicates that Ch’I Lin, the Dragon Horse was last seen around the time of Confucius. Legend has it that Fu Hsi, a legendary emperor of China, had an encounter with the Dragon Horse at the Yellow River. He supposedly had a map on his back which enabled the evolution of the written language.

Buddhists often depict the animal carrying the Book of the Law on his back. this creature has the body of a horse, the head of a dragon, and the horn of a Unicorn (males have the horns, females do not). it is multicolored and represents all five elements used in Feng Shui. Some pictures show a body more like a deer with the horn being more like antlers.

Unlike the Western beasts that dwell only in dark caves and mountains waiting to attack anyone who comes near, the Eastern Dragons, including Ch’I Lin, is said to live anywhere it is needed and can walk on water or land without harming any living thing. the mythical creature often represents longevity, prosperity, fertility, and success. For that reason it finds its way into many Bagua placements in your home.

Are you looking to improve your career or achieve greater goals at work? place this figure on your desk. would you like an ideal element to add to your prosperity and abundance gua? well look no further. because it can assist in fertility a pair of these, one of each sex, would be ideal in the bedroom or in the family gua. do to the creature’s longevity (they are said to live a thousand years) it would make it a good choice for the health gua. Then let us not forget how helpful this creature can be so why not add him to the helpful people and travel gua?

Ch’I Lin, the Dragon Horse has not been seen for a very long time and is thought now to be extinct. I for one would love for him to return.

No Jovian, you need not be scared.

Until we meet again, please enjoy Sheng Chi

Ch’i Lin – The Dragon Horse

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