Cheap Bars in New York

New York is the big one for many backpackers. The beating heart of the United States, it’s a haloed frenzy of financial institutions, historical museums, artistic production, and hedonistic nightlife. as such, any time spent in this immense city is guaranteed to be memorable.

It’s also guaranteed to be a strain on the budget, which is a fact that puts many backpackers off. however, the bright lights of New York need not necessarily herald a severe drop in your bank balance, for backpacking on the cheap here is a possibility. You just have to know how.

For one, staying in one of the New York City hostels proves a great way to save dollars. What’s more, these are also eminently sociable places; the chances of meeting willing partygoers are high on any day of the week.

It’s during such partying sessions that the wallet can really feel the weight of New York. So here’s a rundown of some great cheap bars in New York. enjoy them to the max

The Blind Tiger Ale House
This atmospheric bar on Bleecker Street is famed for its happy hours, which are more like happy days Running from noon to 8pm Mon-Fri, they offer a chance to try the bar’s fantastic selection of beers at a discount price. in case you’re still able operate a laptop, free wireless is also available throughout the building.

Bourbon Street
Located in the Upper West Side area of New York, this student favorite sells beer for 50 cents. Let’s just repeat that last bit again shall we? Beer. For 50 cents make sure your New York City hostel is nearby if you’re planning a night out here; that way, once the fun gets too much, stumbling home with bed in mind shouldn’t be too taxing. Hopefully.

Corner Bistro
Over in West village, Corner Bistro combines cheap food with cheap fast food, which isn’t a bad combination at all A large glass of the house regular will set you back about $2 a pop.

Another bar that manages the cheap-drink-and-eats combo is bravest, which is a chilled place in East Side. Atmospheric and ever popular, it’s worth pulling up a stool between 5 and 7pm, when the bar’s happy hour sees beer prices drop by over 50%.

Welcome to the Johnsons
To be found on Rivington Street, the old-school furnishings of this bar give it an air of happy nostalgia for bygone eras. in fact, there’s even something a bit old fashioned about its prices, which don’t seem to have worked out quite how inflation works. Drinking after 9pm gets a little more expensive, but it’s still easily manageable, even for those traveling on a budget.

Boxcar Lounge
While the prices at the Boxcar Lounge don’t quite rival those of the bars above, it does have one great thing going for it: namely, $5 cocktails. This is the place to go if you want to impress without leaving a lasting impression on your credit card.

Third and Long
Going by its name, third and Long may sound like your average New York sports bar, but go inside and you soon realize it’s authentic Irish pub. Unsurprisingly, then, the drinking culture here is voracious, especially on Mondays and Tuesdays, when mugs of beer are sold for a pittance.

The Village Idiot
Ever seen the film Coyote Ugly? Well, it may not be the original, but with bar-dancing girls and cheap-as-you-like beer, The Village Idiot does a pretty good impression of the bar all men’s’ dreams are made of.

Cheap Bars in New York

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