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Kim Tae-hee‘s screen return, and Yang Dong-geun‘s first piece after military service is “Grand Prix” which has been previewed on the 7th and is being hoped for the best.

It is about a female jockey who had gone through mourning losing her horse through an accident. she finds a new racing horse and meets a man who understands her to challenge her for another competition.

Yang Dong-geun has been picked for this role when Lee Joon-ki abruptly decided to go to military service. he said that it’s been 3 years since he had to be in the screens and had been very stressed through our filming.

“Grand Prix”, rather than being a moving story was more focused on a comic romance. however, the romance between Kim and Yang hasn’t been so refreshing to see and to overcome suffering through love hasn’t been so powerfully displayed. many cliche scenes were taken and every episode seems to have been put together forcefully. even the press’ response hasn’t been so great.

The movie releases on the 16th in theaters.

[ChanMi's movie news] "Grand Prix" bad critics? @ HanCinema :: The …

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