Celebrity Big Brother: Rhian And Jasmine Face The Boot

09:29, Saturday, 18 August 2012

Rhian Sugden and Jasmine Lennard are the first contestants to face the Celebrity Big Brother public vote.

Page 3 girl Rhian and model Jasmine both each received three votes as the housemates nominated for the first time – and in a shock twist, the celebs were forced to reveal their choices face to face.

Just three days into their CBB experience, most of the celebs avoided upsetting their fellow HMs too much.

But there’s already trouble brewing between Jasmine and Danica.

Fashion model Jasmine picked her FHM rival, saying they had "very different moral codes and values" – Danica then returned the favour saying: "We share the same feelings and I feel slightly awkward in your presence if we are alone."

Coleen and Danica both picked up two nominations, and The Situation, Martin Kemp and Prince Lorenzo got one each.

In other CBB news, Jasmine has been spilling the beans on her alleged ex Simon Cowell.

Discussing her relationship with the music mogul, she told Coleen: "I don’t have anything bad to say. That person was such a huge part of my life. I don’t want my life to be defined by it.

"The way the relationship has gone down in history is the complete opposite to how it went down."

She went on: "all I’m actually allowed to say is what has already been published in the public domain but the thing is it was all rubbish."

Jasmine didn’t hold back when it came to famed lothario Russell Brand though.

Insisting he was the only man she had ever "run away from before consummating", the fashion model claimed Russ once opened the door to her wearing "soiled" boxer shorts.

She added: "and he was strutting round like a peacock but he was more like a dirty pigeon."

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Celebrity Big Brother: Rhian And Jasmine Face The Boot

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