Celebrities in Hollywood or Los Angeles?

I grew up in LA country, but i live in the valley and i am not familiar with the “celebrity hotspots.” my cousin (from Buffalo, NY) is coming to visit in May for two weeks and she wants to go places to see celebrities. We’re both under 21, so we can’t go to bars and clubs.

last year i took her to hollywood blvd during the day, but it was just a bunch of tourists and, forgive me, but weirdos. she doesn’t care too much about touristy stuff she just wants so see celebrities.

does anyone know of any restaurants or cities where celebrities would likely be spotted?

we’re gonna try calabasas, but i don’t know where else to take her. i don’t really pay attention to that stuff, so i guess i’m not a great tour guide lol. but if someone knows, that’s be great if you could give me some good locations!

anywhere you can think of would be cool. thanks!

Celebrities in Hollywood or Los Angeles?

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