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To get a better night's sleep, some people would do almost anything. But now you don't need a doctor to sleep better, you just need a smart phone and a new application.

We talked to an employee at Best buy in Phoenix; he sleeps with a wristband that monitors how much deep sleep, light sleep, and no sleep he gets throughout the night. Then he synchronizes that information with his phone, and he practically becomes his own sleep clinic. 

“I went to bed at about 1 in the morning took me obviously, about 20 minutes to fall asleep,” Walter Mack said, who works at the Best buy near 22nd Street and Camelback Road. he bought UP from the company Jawbone. it comes with software and a wristband that tracks his sleep habits on his iPhone.

“I probably had less dreams this night,” Mack said, showing us what he has learned on his phone. Best buy sells a bunch of these fitness trackers that you sync up with your smart phone. While Mack told us he just wants to be healthy, it could have larger implications.

“I really like that there's are these tools out there now to measure how much sleep we're getting,” said Lauri Leadley, the founder of Valley Sleep Center, which has five valley locations. She said while these smart phone applications are a good start, nothing beats a real sleep study that nowadays, most insurance companies cover.

“This would actually record 12,000 times faster than a device you would normally wear, like an app,” Leadley said, describing the equipment they use to track sleep habits.

So while these applications, ranging from $100-$175 may kill the curiosity, they won't stifle the snore.

“I just notice the days I work out harder are the days I get better sleep,” Mack said, saying nothing beats a healthy lifestyle.

If you're interested in trying these applications you can get them online or at some valley stores. right now, though, the UP wristband that Mack used is currently recalled because of poor battery life, but the company should be rolling out a new version soon.

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CBS 5 – KPHO Get better sleep with your smart phone?

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