Cascadian Farm Prepares for Earth Day by Creating a New Tradition: An Organic Holiday Celebration

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, Apr 19, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) –This Earth Day, Cascadian Farm(R) is encouraging people to create anew tradition of celebration on Earth Day as a reward for caring forthe planet year round by participating in the organic movement.

to build conversation around the benefits of eating organic and toraise awareness for a new tradition of celebrating Earth Day with anorganic meal, Cascadian Farm welcomes newcomers and organicenthusiasts to “like” their Facebook page at and join more than 200,000 others intheir celebration.

Cascadian Farm will be posting ideas and encouragement for Facebookfans to start their own Earth Day celebrations includingearth-friendly decorations, organic recipes such as Breaded Chickenwith Edamame Succotash and Spinach Manicotti, and a “Let’s Celebrate,It’s Earth Day!” sweepstakes with a chance to win a year’s supply ofa Cascadian Farm organic product.

“At Cascadian Farm, we work to provide high quality, wholesomeorganic foods,” said Dom Alcocer, Marketing Manager. “We hope thatthis new tradition of celebrating Earth Day with an organic mealstarts conversations about the benefits of eating organic both forthe earth and for ourselves.”

Organic refers to the way agricultural products and foods are grownand processed. Cascadian Farm provides helpful information on itswebsite to educate consumers about organic benefits, which include:

1. Organic foods have strict standards. They are grown without theuse of synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, orgenetically-engineered ingredients and the USDA has specific labelingrules to help consumers know exactly what’s in the food they buy.

2. Organic farms can use less energy. according to the United NationsFood and Agriculture Association, organic agriculture performs betterthan conventional agriculture on a per acre scale, both with respectto direct energy consumption and indirect consumption.

3. Healthy soil is produced. Organic farmers are required todemonstrate how they’ve improved soil quality. Cascadian Farm doesthis by partnering with farmers that rotate their crops, compost andplant cover crops over the winter, among other organic practices.

4. Organic farmers are leaders in research. Cascadian Farm relies onpartnerships with organizations such as the Organic Farming ResearchFoundation (OFRF), which funds research to help farmers minimize theimpact farming has on the environment.

5. help local farmers. Many organic farms are family owned and buyingorganic food supports the community and the people that work withinit.

For more information and to enter the “Let’s Celebrate, It’s EarthDay!” sweepstakes between April 10-24, 2012, visit Cascadian Farm’sEarth Day Facebook Application via .

about Cascadian Farm(R) Cascadian Farm is one of the country’sleading brands of organic foods, offering more than 70 products fromready-to-eat cereals and granola bars to frozen fruits andvegetables, juice concentrates and fruit spreads. People have enjoyedour great-tasting and convenient organic foods for more than 40years. Visit to find more information on ourproducts and to learn how every delicious bite is good for you, yourfamily, and the world we share.

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SOURCE: Cascadian Farm

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Cascadian Farm Prepares for Earth Day by Creating a New Tradition: An
Organic Holiday Celebration

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