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Raw: People Power goes out with a whimper in Long Island

Well, the John Laurinaitis People Power era was real, and for him it was fun. For many, though, it wasn’t real fun, and it looks like it’s going to truly be over tonight as Raw goes live on USA from Long Island.

Mick Foley gets a warm welcome from the fans as he takes the ring in a suit and tie. He says he was on the way to the show anyway to promote the upcoming 1000th episode, but he’s getting to host both WWE shows this week as the promotion goes with past authority figures until they decide on a permanent replacement for Laurinaitis. Foley announces a tag team contest pitting Daniel Bryan and Kane against CM Punk and Sheamus but also has some bad news: Johnny Ace gets to come out and give a farewell address. the fans won’t let Laurinaitis talk without razzing him, so he asks for Foley’s help. Mick makes it sound like Johnny disses Long Island instead. since Laurinaitis can’t talk without getting interrupted, he says he’ll give his address later. but before he was fired last night, he made tonight’s main event, which will pit him, Big show and David Otunga against John Cena in a handicap match. Johnny Ace tells Foley to have a nice day and limps his way back up the ramp. Sheamus and Punk get a chance to pay their respects, such as they are, when they pass him on their way out.

Match 1

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