CANOE — JAM! Movies: Actress Mo’Nique sues landlord

Mo’Nique (Reuters file photo)

Oscar-winning actress Mo’Nique is embroiled in a legal battle with her landlord over allegations her home smells and suffers a mould problem.

The Precious star has filed legal papers in Fulton County, Georgia in a bid to be released from her $22,000 -a-month tenancy agreement as she alleges her house in the state is in a terrible condition.

Her legal move comes in response to a lawsuit filed by her landlords, who allege the actress has illegally backed out of her rental contract and owes them approximately $370,000 in payments, according to

Mo’Nique maintains she entered into a verbal contract with her landlords which allowed her to back out of the deal.


CANOE — JAM! Movies: Actress Mo’Nique sues landlord

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