Can You Think Of The Next Must Have Application?

It’s hard to believe that smartphone applications have only been around since 2008. What’s even more remarkable is the fact that Apple only backed the App’s Store, after the launch of the first iPhone There have been a reported billion downloads since then, and many other manufacturers have attempted to duplicate the model, with Google leading the pack.

Google’s Android Market may have a long way to go, but the flexibility and ‘open source’ nature of the software and multi manufacturer partnership, offers a huge market scope to Google. One thing is for sure, applications are here to stay and are a core part of everyday smartphone use. Expect to see app’s bundled in with smartphone deals, and available in ‘top up’ credit form, in the very near future.

Both App stores have been critiscised for a lack of quality, possibly due to insufficient developer and concept vetting. Indeed, most of the paid applications aswell as the most popular games, tend to be derivatives of older more established games and brands. the real money for thier owners, is in ‘subscription’ based Apps requiring a small monthly payment. These offer continuity and ‘up-sells’ in the form of ‘upgrades and add-on’s’. After all, it is always easier to get more money from people who already pay you, than it is to start fresh with someone new

However, most applications are free and problem for developers is that it devalues the product because consumers get too used to not paying. As a marketing or branding exercise, they offer corperates the chance to add value to their customers online shopping experience, whilst creating loyalty and repeat buying.

One area that may poise a problem for Android is its reported vunerability to viruses, during the app download process. the Android Market is still not as polished as the Apple store and relies heavily on third party websites for file doesn’t seem to sit very well in the usual Google Skin, there’s something not quite right with it, but that could just be me. Apple on the other hand, has virtually no known viruses and as a result, is exceptionally secure. Google will have to be very careful, not to have their users’ details stolen like Sony, or they will lose huge amounts of trust in the market. They are yet to have a serious security breach (that we know of) but the Android Phone Market has potential, leave them a little exposed.

In summary, quality not quantity spells success for all App Markets. this is the only way manufacturers and developers, will attain long term residual income whilst ensuring, safety for their users.

Can You Think Of The Next Must Have Application?

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