Calif. Attorneys Say DUI Laws Shouldn't Apply To Pot

Anthony Taurus says:

I won’t speak for everyone else but I will speak for myself. I’ve driven high. It’s not that big of a deal to me anymore. the first time I drove high, I definitely was a bit scared and drove very carefully. But, I drive “normally” now. Notice the quotes on normally. See, when I drive high, I feel I am going much faster than I am truly going. I notice it each and every time.

When I am sober, I can be a very aggressive driver. I can easily get up to 50 or 60 on the streets of NYC (limit is 35mph). on the highways, I am easily over 90 for as long as I can maintain it and I will not hesitate to make the needle hit the other side. I play hard rock & roll and hardcore hip hop.

When I am high on marijuana, 50mph feels too fast. Then, I see a car pass me by and I look at the speedometer because I am not accustomed to cars passing me. I am not as skittish or hesitant as I was when I first drove high so I am much smoother now. I a more prone to let people in front of me. Driving high has taught me to be a calmer, nicer driver while sober. I prefer rock ballads, r&b.. anything slow.

I have never gotten into an accident while driving high. I have never been pulled over while driving high. But, I’ve gotten into more than one minor fender bender while sober. I’ve never been in a major car accident *knock on wood* at all. I got 6 pts on my license while driving sober (speeding, following closely).

That’s just my story. But, we still don’t understand how marijuana affects you. Thankfully, I’ve never been drunk because I don’t like alcohol or any other substances so I can’t make comparisons. But, I can say, with some certainty, I am a much better driver while high than I am while sober.

Posted on: Wednesday, Sep. 9 2009 @ 1:10PM

Calif. Attorneys Say DUI Laws Shouldn't Apply To Pot

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