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The movie industry tries to fight the surge in cheap dvds and discount dvd sales with lower prices.

Entertainment companies think otherwise. With the increasing demand for cheap DVDs and discount DVDs this has prevented Hollywood studios and major record labels from tapping the full growth potential of those tantalizing markets. now, some media companies are trying to reverse the tide by cutting prices on new DVDs and CDs low enough to challenge the discount DVD re tailors at their own game.


The idea is to give consumers in those markets new DVD Releases at cheap prices. Warner Bros. hopes to get a foothold in the Chinese market by setting the price of its new DVD movie releases there between $2 and $4. NBC Universal would like to tap into Warner’s Chinese distribution system and is planning a similar program in Russia. Meanwhile, the four global music companies have just launched a similar strategy in Mexico, in conjunction with distributors, aiming to replace the discounted DVDs with new lines of cut-rate, new DVD Releases and CDs.

The companies are betting that just as Apple Computer helped the U.S. music industry reclaim turf lost to Internet piracy by pricing songs for the iPod at 99 cents apiece, the movie studios and record labels can woo back consumers abroad by slashing the price of DVDs and CDs. their discs are of superior quality, they say, eliminating the risk of buying substandard goods and justifying the premium they want consumers to pay.


New DVD Releases in store such as Wal-Mart, best Buy, Target will cost you around 19.99, HD DVD will be about 24.99 and Blue Ray is in the neighborhood of 29.99. With that being said the savings and the choice is clear, discounted DVDs are popular because of their price.

Buy New DVD Releases, Cheap DVDs & Discount DVDs

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