Businesses could bring 1,000 jobs

York County is in the running for two projects that could bring as many as 1,000 new jobs to the area.

One prospect is a distribution company that would invest $154 million and create 900 jobs, according to an inducement resolution scheduled to be considered Monday by the York County Council.

The second prospect is a manufacturing company that would invest about $8 million and hire 60 employees.

neither prospect has been identified by the county. the resolutions used code names – Daisy for the first project and Ambition for the second.

One project would involve construction of a new building, while the other would use existing space.

The resolution is the first step the county takes when a business is seriously considering moving to the area. Typically, the county offers to abate property taxes for several years as an incentive.

The state also can offer tax incentives for new jobs created.

No information on potential incentives was available Thursday.

Lynda Burke, director of the Rock Hill Workforce Center, said the prospect of new jobs was “welcome, welcome, welcome.”

York County’s unemployment rate was 12.8 percent in May, about a 1 percent decrease from April. Burke said her office is seeing about 1,500 people a week, and that number has held steady for several months.

Unemployment in York County has been in double digits since January 2009, when it hit 12.1 percent. the highest jobless rate has been 16.3 percent last September.

Rock Hill’s unemployment rate has been slightly higher, a projected 14.8 percent in May. it was 15.2 percent in April. the city’s highest unemployment rate, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics was 18.3 percent last September. Higher estimates have been released, but the bureau revises its estimates as more information becomes available.

York County has lost about 300 jobs this year, according to layoff notices filed with the state. the largest job loss was 200 people from Tyco Electronics’ Rock Hill and Charlotte plants.

Bluestar Silicones also announced it is leaving Rock Hill for Charlotte, taking 52 jobs.

New companies coming to the county this year include Supermetal, which opened a $7 million steel fabrication plant in Lesslie that could employ up to 200 workers, and Perma Shrink, a textile manufacturing firm that plans to invest $3.3 million in Clover.

Centrex is investing $9.75 million and is expected to create 65 jobs at its plastics plant in western York County.

In the 2010-2011 fiscal year, Rock Hill saw the creation of more than 300 jobs and more than $100 million in private and public investments, according to city officials.

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Businesses could bring 1,000 jobs

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