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Giant phone manufacturer Nokia Philippines Incorporated intends to be the dominant player in the smartphone market in the country with the use of Microsoft Window’s phone software to challenge the iOS of Apple and Android OS of Google.

In a press briefing, Rhomel Marcojos, Nokia Philippines senior services marketing manager, said that part of the company’s strategy is to realign its business on the smartphone market through connecting the next billion to the internet by offering more affordable phone.

Nokia said that there are more than 1.3 billion people connecting daily to one another using a Nokia devices.

The company’s primary strategy to keep ahead on the smartphone competition is by using the Microsoft Window’s operating system for mobile phones.

"We are realigning ourself on the smartphone market. We want to be a dominant player, a stronger player (in that market)," he said.

To achieve this goal, the company will launch new mobile phone this year using the Microsoft’s mobile software platform to capture the mid and high end market.

However, Marcojos said that Nokia will continue to use the Symbian platform being used by around 150 million phones.

"We’re not dropping the symbian software," he added.

Globally, the Nokia market share in the smartphone segment stands at 31 percent.

Marcojos, however, refused to disclose their market share locally.

But he claimed that they are the leading phone manufacturer in all market segment with approximately over 50 percent market share.

Nokia has smartphone devices for all market segments, but their focus is to regain the people’s perception on their products in mid and high end market Window Phone software.

Previously, the company strategy’s was to make the Philippines as the "mobile internet capital of the world" through offering affordable internet capable phones and using its mobile applications Ovi Mail.

To achieve that target, Nokia has partnered with telecom provider Smart Communications to offer affordable internet through phones.

The Nokia’s Ovi Store will support apps and content for Symbian, MeeGo, Series 40 and Nokia Windows Phones, providing unparalleled global distributions for developers and publishers, with Nokia driving merchandising and monetization opportunities.

"our monetization enablers (in-app monetization, billing and analytics) will support all our device platform and will have a single site to manage publishing and performance of apps and content across all platforms," Marcojos said.

Marcojos stressed that they will continue to encourage developers for the mobile phone segment.

"Developers can already distribute Java apps to approximately 600 million Series 40 devices and we intend to drive more innovation," Marcojos said.

Last year, Microsoft launched its Window Phone 7, a mobile software with Microsoft’s deep portfolio, such as Windows Live, Bing, and Microsoft Office Mobile and its also the first phone in the country which offers Zune music where users can play their music collections, synced wirelessly from their PC.

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