Bugs Wars – review

Mobile games have been dominated by quite a narrow range of genres, which is not surprising, given the limitations and demands of the format. a vast, sprawling role-playing epic is not only hard to fit on to a phone, it also doesn’t correspond with the demand for short, satisfying snippets of gameplay. It’s pleasing, then, to see developers thinking carefully about ways to develop existing gaming themes.

Bugs Wars (Chillingo £1.19, Apple App Store), for example, is a clever blend of both the shooter and tower defence genres. it tasks you with protecting a group of human survivors from waves of attacking alien bugs. Money is earned as levels are completed, requiring careful management of both the budget and the four weapon slots that keep the armoury suitably equipped. the controls work fantastically and intuitively, somehow overcoming the usual problems with the virtual analogue stick favoured by iPhone games, while eliminating the problem of obscuring the enemy with your aiming finger.

The graphics are patchy – don’t expect any Starship Troopers-style visual flourishes – but the gameplay is absorbing, addictive even. the only real downside to Bugs Wars is that it simply doesn’t go on long enough, especially with no multiplayer option. Upping the score and grade achieved on each level is fun, but not enough to provide massive replayability. however, for the price, it’s unfair to demand much more, and this is a very welcome example of developers approaching the mobile medium creatively.

Bugs Wars – review

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