Breaking the News – I Am Pregnant

After confirming that you are indeed pregnant the difficult part now is how to break the news to your family and friends especially to your husband. Announcing your pregnancy creates great impact if made in a planned and unique way.

Announcing your pregnancy earlier gives you more time to consider things. The moment you tell your husband that you are pregnant gives him the chance to share that great feeling with you-that is, having a baby. This would be ideal especially if chances of getting pregnant are not considerable before.

Early announcement would also help you decide about what hospital to give birth to and whom to consider as obstetrician. You can also receive numerous advices and support from many immediate family members. However, this early announcement must only be for the immediate family. if you plan to tell it to your friends do it in a later time when your pregnancy is out of risk already and chance of miscarriages is no longer possible.

Sharing the News to your Friends

Telling your friends about your pregnancy requires creative planning especially if you want your announcement to be memorable and special.

Here are some tips to do it;

•Throw a party Invite all your friends in a party without letting them know what that party is for. This will make them confused and stop only guessing until you announce that you are pregnant. This is the traditional way of sharing the good news.

•if you are not a party goer, you can try recording your announcement on a DVD and disseminate it to your friends. make it unique and include interviews of your partner.

In whatever way you announce it the advantage of sharing the news is an overwhelming support in your journey to motherhood from family and friends. it is one of the joys of getting pregnant.

Breaking the News – I Am Pregnant

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