[Breaking News] iPhone 4S to launch in SA on Nov 24th 2011!? Vodacom discontinuing stock of the iPhone 4

We have just received word from a reliable source that the previous ‘announcement date’ of the iPhone 4S in November actually indicates a LAUNCH date, and not just an announcement date of the iPhone 4S for the South African market as we previously thought.

When asked for confirmation of this, we received the words “take it from me” in a private message to us.

More specifically, we have word of a November 24th 2011 release date for the iPhone 4S in South Africa.

If true, this could mean that we could be seeing the device land on local shores as early as a few weeks time! A bit sooner than the earlier anticipated December release date.

This seems to be in line with Apple’s statement regarding the third rollout phase of the iPhone 4S which states that the device will be rolled out in 70 countries “by the end of the year”.  Notice the keyword “by”

Vodacom discontinuing stock of iPhone 4

We have been receiving numerous reports that Vodacom has also discontinued stock of the iPhone 4, without their staff really knowing why Over on our forums, one member reported the following:

Just got off the phone with Vodashop Clearwater and Cresta.ALL iPhones have been discontinued, until they get stock of the iPhone 4S.

When I asked if they would get the iPhone 4 8GB in when they get the 4S stock, they didn’t really understand what I was saying and just repeated that all iPhones have been discontinued…

I guess its good news for those who want a iPhone 4S, but really bad news for those of us that want to get our hands on a 4.

This makes sense, considering the iPhone 4 will only be available in 8GB form from now on.

NOTE: whether this date (Nov 24th 2011) is in fact true or not, we shall have to wait and see! however, it does seem very promising indeed. there is always a chance it could indicate the announcement date, or when the device lands in SA for testing/certification etc.

As always, we will keep you updated with any new information as it comes in.

Stay tuned to iPhoneZA.


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[Breaking News] iPhone 4S to launch in SA on Nov 24th 2011!? Vodacom discontinuing stock of the iPhone 4

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