Breaking News: Can a Laser Really Regrow Your Hair?

Okay, so we have all heard about laser hair removal techniques, but can a laser really be used to regrow hair too?

Clinical Evidence and FDA Clearance

The creators of the HairMax LaserComb, Lexington International, conducted thorough clinical trials which showed that using the device for 10-15 minutes, three days a week, resulted in measurable hair growth in 93% of men and women taking part in the trial.

An average of 19 hairs per centimetre increase in hair count was observed in the trial. But that’s not all. the FDA, the strict body in the USA responsible for regulating medical and healthcare products, have even given it their stamp of approval with FDA clearance

This makes the HairMax LaserComb one of only 3 products currently given the seal of approval by the FDA to treat genetic hair loss.

How does Low-level Laser Therapy Work?

The device is said to work via the process of photo bio-stimulation, stimulating circulation and blood flow in the scalp and promoting cellular regeneration, which in turn promotes hair growth and thickness while revitalizing dormant hair follicles.

The way you use the device is pretty simple too. You simply drag it along the scalp in a slow and deliberate combing motion. the device either makes a sound or vibrates every 4 seconds to indicate when you need to move the comb and on doing so the scalp is covered in the low-level lasers for hair growth.

Features of Low-level Laser Therapy

Now the key difference between lasers that remove hair and those that regrow hair is the wavelength. the HairMax LaserComb is said to direct the laser energy into the follicles in a non-destructive way which actually stimulates cell metabolism.

Best of all there have been no side effects reported when using low laser therapy for hair growth. these types of lasers have also been used for wound healing too.

HairMax LaserComb Results

The product has a good degree of media exposure and often consumers using the HairMax LaserComb have reported seeing increased hair thickness and fullness, less hair shedding, and hair regrowth is often reported also.

It does take some time to see results however, so this is indeed no quick fix solution. People typically report seeing results after a few months of use.

The one major drawback of this device is that it will not be of any use to anyone who has lost their hair completely, nor will it be able to regrow hair on large bald spots.


So is this device worth the investment? well it doesn’t come cheap, that’s for sure. You are looking at around $250-500 dollars for one of these devices, depending on which model you decide to go for.

One thing to keep in mind though is that it is a one-off purchase when compared with other treatments that you need to purchase typically on a monthly basis.

Low level laser therapy is definitely an interesting way to treat hair loss. it is a little hard to believe at first that simply combing your hair with this device will help minimize hair loss and regrow thinning hair, but there is actually good scientific studies supporting its efficacy.

Breaking News: Can a Laser Really Regrow Your Hair?

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