Braylon Edwards: Latest on Vikings, Bears, Titans Rumors

With the top wide receivers—Sidney Rice, Santonio Holmes, Vincent Jackson—off the market, the second-tier players will get serious looks from a lot of teams that need help on the outside.

One of the those players, Braylon Edwards, has his share of suitors and will likely be able to get some team to overpay for him.

Edwards is a tremendously talented receiver with size and speed to stretch the field, but he has battled his share of problems on and off the field. his hands have never been great, which will no doubt hurt his value to other teams.

But when a team gets desperate enough, and that will happen because that’s what happens in the NFL, Edwards will get paid by someone.

It’s just a matter of finding that best fit for him.

Minnesota brought in Donovan McNabb for this season, and since the Vikings were in the playoffs two years ago, they must feel that they are close to contending. plus, losing Sidney Rice has left a huge void in the receiving corps.

Chicago is another potential landing spot for Edwards because they haven’t had an elite receiver in years, and Mike Martz, as everyone knows, loves to open up the offense regardless of how devoid of talent the skill players might be.

Baltimore, a team that has been looking for a receiver who can stretch the field and recently let go of Derrick Mason, could get into the bidding for Edwards, but they will likely not go as high as some of the other teams will.

Tennessee needs an insurance policy for when Kenny Britt eventually gets in trouble again, and Edwards could be a good fit there. that team isn’t close to winning, though, so the offer will likely have to be for more money than the other teams. Unless Edwards doesn’t really care about winning and just wants to get paid, which is perfectly acceptable.

The Edwards watch is on and we will have all the latest news, rumors and speculation regarding the former Pro Bowl wide receiver.

Braylon Edwards: Latest on Vikings, Bears, Titans Rumors

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