Brady vs. Manning

Some people say that Peyton Manning is the the best Quarterback (QB) in the NFL but Tom Brady is only successful because he plays within his team’s system. I want to dispel the myth that Manning is the better QB. We think that there’s no comparison between the two players. Brady is leaps and bounds ahead of Manning when it comes to skill, smarts, football savvy and character.

Playing Within the System – this is the most absurd argument I’ve ever heard of. all players play within their team’s system. Maybe Manning would do better in the playoffs if he stuck to his team’s system. It’s obvious that Manning is easily flustered and not confident during playoff games.

Manning’s lack of confidence couldn’t have been more evident than on Sunday. Manning wilted like a dead weed every time he was pressured. he had no answer for the Pittsburgh Steelers defense. Manning is supposed to be one of the greatest QB’s ever. now that’s a joke. I wouldn’t even put him in the top twenty five all time.

Brady on the other hand may play within a system but he knows how to handle the pressure of playoff games. I’ve seen Tom Brady under defensive pressure time and again and he seems to have the answer. I would place Tom Brady in the top ten all time QB list.

Playoff Record – Manning is 3-6 while Brady is 10-1. Manning has never beaten Brady in the playoffs. In fact Brady seems to outshine his opponent every time. So while Brady might play within a system, he’s found a way to outshine Manning.

Manning was expected to go to the Super Bowl this year but couldn’t even manage one victory in the playoffs. Manning had home field advantage over the Steelers but looked dazed, confused and amateurish on the field.

Super Bowl Record – this is the most definitive statistic. Brady has won three Super Bowls. Peyton Manning hasn’t won a Super Bowl. Until Manning wins a Super Bowl, I don’t think you can compare him to Brady. Brady is a proven winner while Manning is a proven loser.

Character – Brady is well ahead of Manning in the character department. Until Sunday, I thought Manning had character but then Manning blamed the lack of protection for his loss. that meant he blamed his offensive line. Can Manning only play when he doesn’t face any pressure? I think the answer is yes.

Manning doesn’t know how to play well when faced with a good defense. he lacks the character necessary to get the job done. When he fails he acts like a little child and blames his offensive line. Manning is a poor loser and doesn’t deserve our respect.

I didn’t hear Tom Brady blame his teammates after Saturday’s loss. Brady showed true character. I believe that he’ll return to the playoffs and have success. Manning on the other hand might make the playoffs but I think he lacks the character necessary to win playoff games.

If I had the choice of picking a quarterback, I would pick Tom Brady. Peyton Manning wouldn’t even make my short list. I don’t think Manning has the confidence or character to lead a team to the Super Bowl.

Brady vs. Manning

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