Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat Game Ends In A Tie? What? [Watch]

Posted: June 5, 2012

Residents of Portland, Maine got quite a treat Sunday night when local ABC affiliate WMTW news anchor Meghan Torjussen reached the sports segment of the late nights news cast.

For those tuning in and wandering about the score to game 4 of the Boston Celtics versus the Miami Heat, I think it’s safe to say that they either left more confused than when they tuned in, or they got a hearty laugh out of this clueless news anchors gaffe.

As the news cast flashes their sports introduction across the screen, Torjussen begins “”the Boston Celtics, hosting the Miami Heat in Boston for Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals,” inexplicably continuing

“I guess the game just ended … it ended in a tie. This is what my producer is telling me right now.”

Admirably passing the blame on to her producer, the screen graphic then appears with the score “Miami 89, Boston 89″ with no other information to accompany it.

For those unfamiliar with Basketball, it’s simply not possible for a game to end in a tie. the next step would be sending the game into overtime, allowing five extra minutes for the game to find it’s conclusion.

Unfortunately for Meghan Torjussen, you can’t get them all right.

“Whoop, there you go,” Torjussen continued. “There’s the score, 89-89. Uh, went down to the wire, 21 seconds left, ended in a tie. … all right, let’s move on to professional baseball.”

You can the see the video below as Torjussen has provided sports fans with a good laugh for many YouTube visits to come.

Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat Game Ends In A Tie? What? [Watch]

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