Blake Shelton Concert Postponement Doesn’t Deter Fans

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RENO, NV – his music videos have more than 70 million hits.

He was nominated for 3 grammy awards in 2012.

It’s safe to say Blake Shelton has hit superstar status.

“He’s a pretty big deal in country music,” KBUL DJ Bob Richards.

On sunday, ‘The Voice’ judge made a pit stop in Reno. the ‘Well Lit and Amplified Tour’ is one of biggest concerts to hit the ‘Biggest Little City’ this year.

“Not only in country music, but he’s also crossed over to the main stream. Hf course his stuff on the voice. He’s just a huge star and he puts on a great show, high energy,” says KBUL DJ Austin Reed.

Fans of Blake shelton have been waiting a long time for this show. it was actually supposed to happen back on Wednesday, but weather issues on the tour route forced it to be pushed back until Sunday.

“Yeah, it was a real bummer for us. This is our daughter’s first concert, so she was kind of bummed out about it,” says Johnny Williams.

“It actually worked out better for us. It’s our anniversary tomorrow,” says James Tackett.

“The fact that it was pushed back a few days made it an even higher fever pitch,” says Reed.

The date change did cause one conflict. Instead of ‘The Voice’ winner Dia Frampton opening, Justin Moore became the fill in.

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Posted by: Tracy Location: reno on Mar 19, 2012 at 10:54 AM also dia frampton didn’t win the voice. she came in 2nd. right on aj – justin moore was scheduled all along to sing. kolo get your facts straight. Posted by: Aj on Mar 19, 2012 at 05:38 AM Justin Moore wasn’t a fill in. he was scheduled to sing.

Blake Shelton Concert Postponement Doesn’t Deter Fans

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