BlackBerry Phones – The Best Smart Phone for Your Money

BlackBerry have released a new touch screen phone called the Torch 9800. This is their latest attempt at penetrating the market with this kind of phone. The new phone has a slider facility which allows for a larger screen and Qwerty key pad.

Blackberry have put a lot of R&D into this type of phone to get it right this time. in the past the company has tried to enter the market with a touch screen phone but with very limited success. Due to the fact that their phones are user friendly and have a lot of features suited to the business world, the company has been able to maintain a steady growth in sales. This has been down the fact they use a Qwerty key board which makes it a lot easier to write and send emails.

All the work done on research for the new phone looks to have paid off. The usability is good, the slide has a quality feel to it. The larger touch screen although a little dated works perfectly and is very clear and easy to work. The Qwerty keyboard has 35 keys which are comfortable and function very well.

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Connectivity is good as with all BlackBerry’s, there is GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA, and Blue tooth. there is also WiFi which is a very nice touch as there are many hot spots around cities these days and it improves the speed of the phones connection remarkably. other features include a 5 mega pixel camera, faster processor, and 4 GB of memory in the phone. there is an SD slot which can handle up to 32 GB. The faster processor and extra memory also improve multimedia and video playing which just adds to the phones line up of features.

There are a lot of service providers offering fantastic deals on the BlackBerry Torch 9800, so it makes a sensible business purchase given all the extras which are included on the phone.

BlackBerry Phones – The Best Smart Phone for Your Money

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