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The high-tech mobile phones are no longer considered as a luxury. with the passage of time they have become one of the most important widget for our daily life. The latest smartphones do not restrict themselves for communication purpose, the innovative handsets uniquely combine high-end mobile applications with digitally advanced imaging technologies.

Well, while scrolling various websites for the latest smartphone by BlackBerry Phones, I got various options. BlackBerry is one of the known names under the category of world’s best mobile phone manufacturers. The brand continues to lead the way with its embedded advanced high-end technology, multimedia capabilities and business applications.

after reading so many reviews and forums, I finally settled with the BlackBerry 8310. The looks, vibrant casing and ergonomic keypad were just too much a temptation to resist, for me at least. after using for a month and half, I found it ideal handset for professionals and business users–who are looking for something different with everything.

Some of the best and technologically advanced features that would catch anyone’s attention are its multimedia capabilities and of course, the high-end connectivity features. The candy-bar-shaped smartphone is equipped features such as with wireless email, organiser, browser, camera, BlackBerry Maps, multi-media player and fast connectivity options.

The QWERTY keypad allows the users to access emails, surf the internet and manage various Windows software with ease. a shinny trackball navigator below the large 2.5 inches screen gives amazing experience.

The built-in 2 mega pixel camera comes complete with 5x zoom and flash. these power-packed features enable the user to click one of the best quality pictures. Through the internet browser feature in menu option, one can download songs, videos, games and many more. this handset provides the instant message services like Google talk and Yahoo Messenger. moreover, Blackberry maps are very much useful on unknown locations.

Lastly, I would like to say that my experience of using the latest BlackBerry 8310 is good. it is truly one of the best in the high-end mobile handsets.

Blackberry 8310: Come, Join the League of Smartphone! | Tech Media

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