BioWare to Release Extended Cut for Mass Effect 3

Following the release of Mass Effect 3 by BioWare last March, a complaint for false advertising was filed through the Federal Trade Commission following the claim of one unsatisfied user that the ending of the game did not achieve the marketing campaign of the company for its latest edition of the Mass Effect game franchise.

A petition was organized by a number of other discontented users which was able to raise funds for Child’s Play, a children’s charity. however the company recently made an announcement that it will be releasing an extended cut for the game which is supposed to offer the closure that the users wanted to have.

The free ‘Extended Cut’ content pack, which will extend the end of the game, will be available for download on June 26. more epilogue scenes and sequences will be offer by the new content pack basing on the choices made by the players while playing the game.

mass effect 3 extended cut

Although the ending basically does not change, it is developed from the initial conclusion of the game as it offers numerous results for every play-through of the game. The new content for Mass Effect 3 was initially promised by the company last April.

BioWare indicated that users in the US will be able to download the new content for the Mass Effect 3 game on the PC as well as the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 game consoles. once the new content is downloaded, users will have the ability of loading a save prior to the end of the game in order for them to play with the new content.

Ray Muzyka, co-founder of the company, revealed that it was agonizing to receive reactions from fans that the ending of the game did not meet their expectations. Muzyka indicated that the first instinct was to defend the game and point out the high ratings that were given by critics. however the company saw that it was necessary to humbly accept the feedback and criticism out of respect to the fans.

Following its release, Mass Effect 3 was able to sell around 890,000 copies within 24 hours after it became available in the North American market.

BioWare to Release Extended Cut for Mass Effect 3

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