Big Rig Crash Slows Traffic Near Bush Airport

HOUSTON – Traffic on North Beltway 8 was at a near standstill Thursday morning after a large truck wrecked not far from Bush Intercontinental Airport.

It took crews several hours to get the mess moved out of the way, but traffic returned to normal by early afternoon.

It all started just after 8 a.m. in the westbound lanes of BW 8 near JFK. according to Transtar, four vehicles were involved in the crash. one person was sent to the hospital.

Aerial views from SkyFox showed a big rig’s trailer detached and came to rest on top of the median’s guardrail. The rest of the truck, including the cab, fell onto its side in the middle of the beltway.

According to the Houston fire Department, 40 firefighters were dispatched to the crash. Haz-mat units were also called in because the truck spilled some of its liquid cargo, including paint, resin solution, diesel fuel, and aerosol dispenser.

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Big Rig Crash Slows Traffic Near Bush Airport

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