Best of Central New York: Your favorite bar or pub in CNY is…

Lauren Long / The Post-StandardPatrons cheer the U.S. soccer team on during a televised game of the World Cup last year at Kitty Hoynes.

We asked you to nominate your favorite pub or bar in Central New York. You voted in the poll and the results are in! Your favorite place in CNY to grab a brew with friends is…

“[Kitty Hoynes] sets a great standard for hospitality; the food is great, from the most to the least expensive; and, most important, they know that Guinness needs to be poured slowly and given plenty of time to settle,” user underwood5 commented.

A Facebook user said, “Kitty Hoynes Irish pub & restaurant. Friendly staff, great hospitality and the best pint of GUINNESS in town!”

“I totally agree with Kitty Hoynes,” crysania wrote. “Best pub in town! The bartenders and waiters/waitresses are fantastic folks, the food (and beer, according to my friends, since I don’t drink) is great. and the owner is often around, even cleaning up tables and serving people behind the bar. it has a great atmosphere and great music, too.”

Check back next Monday as we take your nominations for another Central New York favorite!

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Best of Central New York: Your favorite bar or pub in CNY is…

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