Best New York City Indian Restaurants

Indian food is one of my favorite types of cuisines. that said, I’m fortunate in that I live in new York City, where Indian restaurants are plentiful. Here are a few of my favorites out of the many I’ve eaten in. all of the ones I’ve listed have great service, ambience and, of course, wonderful food.

Vatan (Vegetarian Indian, 409 3rd Avenue, by 29th St.): I’m not a vegetarian, but am highly impressed with this place which serves delicious and atypical Indian cuisine. the menu, which is a set menu, is all-you-can-eat and features dozens of well-prepared small dishes. Appetizers include mini potato samosas, mashed and spiced chick peas and tiny puffed breads filled with yogurt. the main course includes curried cauliflower, spinach stew, rice with lentils and a tomato and potato soup. though the portions are tiny, they’re extremely filling. So far, I haven’t been able to finish the entire meal, let alone ask for seconds

Madras Mahal (Kosher Vegetarian Indian Cuisine, 104 Lexington Ave): this small and cozy eatery serves fresh and delicious meals. I especially love their dosai, which are crepes stuffed with spiced potatoes. They’re huge and come with a variety of chutneys to dip the crepe into. I also recommend the combination platters. Each comes with several small dishes, such as mashed, curried eggplant and spinach with cheese, and each platter is served with a large poori (puffed bread). a great way to finish off your meal is to enjoy a mango lassi, which is a sweet yogurt-based drink.

Chola (232 East 58th Street): this upscale Indian restaurant has modern decor and a relaxed setting. My favorite dish is their chicken tikka masala, which is so tender it practically melts in your mouth. they also have unique dishes, such as chicken with mango and mint sauce, and lamb with cashew paste.

Bombay Palace Restaurant (30 West 52nd Street): Bombay Palace’s elegant decor is appropriate for its name. Some of my favorite dishes here include the Kashmari Naan, which is bread stuffed with nuts and dried fruit, and the leg of lamb, which is marinated with a chili and garlic paste.

Best New York City Indian Restaurants

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