Best Date Restaurants in New York City

How many restaurants are there in new York? Seriously, rip open your phone book and count, we can wait. got it? A lot, right? so, knowing that and knowing that you have a big date coming up, how can you possibly decide on where to go? Well, here are some of the best date restaurants NYC has to offer.

Mars 2112 – Eat Martian food for a change. This is a space themed restaurant located in Time Square. It will feel a bit touristy, sure, but if neither of you have been here before it will prove to be the best date restaurant NYC can serve up for you. No, the prices aren’t cheap, but they aren’t exactly 3 Michelin stars high either.

Jekyll & Hyde – Characters lined up around the restaurant come alive, strange special effects go off all around you, and this leaves you with an atmosphere that can be described only as unique. the food’s pretty good too, and at the right time you’ll get to experience live music to cap things off with.

Foreign anything – new York is one of those cities that offers the chance to experience just about any cuisine you can imagine. when looking for the best date restaurants new York City has, consider choosing a style of food that neither you nor your date have got to experience before. This will make the date memorable for all.

Your favorite restaurant – This isn’t a copout, it’s simply the truth. Of the best date restaurants NYC has, your favorite place can be right up there. If your favorite is Wendy’s or TGIF’s, then maybe pass on this because it’s too generic. If you regularly go somewhere that has its own sense of culture, then bring your date because this will expose them to something that’s, somewhat, uniquely you.

What’s the best restaurant in new York City you’ve ever taken a date to? Have you been there more than once because it’s such a great experience? Share your thoughts on this below, and feel free to drop a few suggestions on dining while you’re at it.

Best Date Restaurants in New York City

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