Best Cyber Monday Deals to be Found on Smartphone

PHOENIX – first it was Black Friday, and now shoppers are anxiously awaiting another buying bonanza — Cyber Monday — where finding deals takes a little finesse.

The best tip this year is to use your smartphone. Unlike Black Friday, Cyber Monday deals change throughout the day, so you want to keep checking before you buy.

Last year, Cyber Monday sales topped $1 billion, and this year, they could be even bigger because shoppers are going mobile.

“When you can shop from your phone, it opens up a whole new avenue,” said retail analyst Kristin Bentz.

Bentz said your best bet for getting a cyber steal is to start with your favorite store.

“I really suggest going to the retailer that you’re excited about, checking out their address, and actually following them on Twitter,” Bentz said.

The best bargain of the day will likely be tweeted.

“Neiman Marcus is great at that. They’ll do a blast at noon to say, ‘50 percent off on x,’ and whoever is paying attention will get that great deal,” Bentz said.

Since deals change throughout the day on Cyber Monday, you may want to be picky about when you pounce, but Bentz said some items are worth taking a gamble.

“Apple is considered like a luxury item. it never goes on sale, like Prada, Gucci never go on sale, so the fact they did these deals on Black Friday, that’s very important. so consumers who were mindful should’ve jumped on that deal,” Bentz said.

If you think you’re all shopped out, consider this — you could find a better deal on Cyber Monday on a product you just bought on Black Friday.

“Absolutely the lead for this price match thing is Walmart. they came out in October and said, ‘If you find anything that we’re offering for less, bring it in with the receipt.’ They’ll give you the difference in a Walmart gift card,” she said.

Bentz said if you’re not getting free shipping, you should go to another retailer.

Best Cyber Monday Deals to be Found on Smartphone

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