Bernie Mac Dies at 50 – A Day Where Tears of Laughter are Shed in Light of a Great Comic

Ever since seeing the The Original Kings of Comedy in a small movie theater back about eight years ago I became a Kings of Comedy fan. I can remember that day clearly actually as I was with my friends Pierre who is now stationed overseas with the military. The two of us were practically rolling off our chairs in tears the entire movie. From that day on I became a Bernie Mac fan alongside Cedric the Entertainer and Steve Harvey. Bernie without a doubt held some funny roles throughout the years. With movies like, Friday, Mo’ Money, Who’s the Man, and Head of State just to name a few Bernie rocked the screen with his comic demeanor. In the shadow of great comic George Carlin’s death Bernie Mac will surely be missed.

Let’s us not share tears of sadness but tears of laughter as we lose one of the world’s great comedians. The talented men and women that bring smiles to our faces have the power to take the sick, weary, depressed, and angry and make them forget even for just a brief moment. The therapy of laughter is so many times overlooked and this is just one of those reminders of just how important it is to sit back and just have a good old laugh once in a while.

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