Batman – The Dark Night – Movie Review

I went to see Batman last night. The movie was over two hours of non-stop action. The effects were well done throughout the movie. I like to see movies that have lots of effects without being overdone and completely unrealistic.

The story line was well thought out with Heath Ledger and Morgan Freeman, whom is one of my favorite actors taking on excellent roles. Heath was a pretty wild joker and his demeanor throughout the film kept you on your feet. Batman played by Christian Bale was terrific throughout the film.

The Joker’s motives were interesting and some of his meaning was revealed throughout the movie with key commentary coming from Morgan himself who played Lucius Fox.

There was also the introduction of another character Two-Face (Aaron Eckhart) in the film which added to the plot and twisted it a bit in the last third of the flick.

Check out more about the movie if you want to get the nitty gritty. The Internet Movie Database is where I go to get the low down.

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Without giving away the movie I will sum it up by saying – GO SEE IT!!! You will get your money’s worth.

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