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Passengers get $85 dollar voucher after man chokes to death on plane

Ok, so many of you have probably heard the news about the New Zealander traveling home from Singapore who choked and died mid-flight. This is a crazy story to begin with but the airlines response to the tragic event is even more interesting. They have given a Voucher woth the equivalent of $85USD to surrounding passengers on the flight.

No offense but man if I had to sit next to a guy who just died for 10 hours I would expect a bit more compensation on the airlines part. The surrounding rows probably should have gotten upgraded to first class or a 50% discount on their flight. You can’t even get to the airport for $85.

Bad enough everyone is scared shitless on the plane already, now you got passengers dropping dead 10 minutes in. Was this guy in an exit row? A doctors and 2 nurses couldn’t revive him? How will this affect airline policy going forward?

My condolences to the family.


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    Posted by slacker - September 8, 2011 at 4:55 pm

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    Amanda Knox Guilty?

    So they are now appealing the verdict and 26 year sentence of Amanda Knox. This has been due to the standards of testing they used to gather their evidence against her. DNA doesn’t lie but  I guess testing can have it’s faults. Certainly seems like she is guilty and this is a last resort for her. Raffaele Sollecito a one time boyfriend of Amanda Knox is also appealing the sentence. The two have been in jail for 4 years.

    Amanda Knox

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      Posted by slacker - September 7, 2011 at 12:48 pm

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      Supernova on 9/7 and 9/8

      Astronomers and stargazers should be excited to hear of the Supernova that will be visible this week. Most people will be able to see something even with a pair of binoculars. This is a truly epic event as the last one to create such a stir in the field was back in 1972. Studies of the Supernova will help scientists look at the universe’s acceleration. Pretty interesting stuff if you ask me. I own two telescopes and will be sure to take a peak. It should be visible near the Big Dipper, most likely right below it.

      Astronomen entdecken Supernova vor unserer kosmischen Haustuer


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        Posted by slacker -  at 9:59 am

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        US Postal Service Broke?

        USPS has been struck with a decade of declining volume. In the last few years announcements that the USPS can go broke has been a regular discussion. They have been weighing in on many options such as eliminating Saturday delivery. The financial woes of the USPS have been directly affecting retirees of the post office. The USPS states that by the end of this month they could default on a 5.5 billion payment for these retirees.

        The USPS has claimed that the rising health care costs have been a contributing candidate to the rise in labor costs and supporting retired postal workers. Additionally such technology innovations such as email and online bililng has diminished the use of the USPS for many of its past functions.

        So what have they put on the table as far as reform? How about cutting another 100k jobs from the American economy. After that how about another 120k jobs over time?

        We can’t even save the jobs of our postal workers in this country, some of the bread and butter foundation of what we were built on. It’s sad to even hear that more people will likely lose their jobs and on top of that the numbers are astonishing. I equate the numbers to my town. Imagine if everyone in your town was jobless. Who can we blame? Unions, Gov’t, bloated spending, you name it…

        Is it truly time to go private? UPS and Fedex are looking better everyday.


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          Posted by slacker - September 6, 2011 at 10:24 am

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          Beyonce Pregnant? Who’s the daddy?

          So recent news has announced that Beyonce is pregnant! Wasn’t it just a few weeks / months ago that we heard she and Jay-Z might be breaking it off. Maybe this was one of the highlights of their dissagreements. Putting your career on hold for a child is a big step for just about anyone, let alone someone in the constant celebrity spotlight.

          This news is so big it actually broke a record for the “most tweets per second for a single event”. Crazy what we as people find important. One would never see this happening with something like the USPS going broke or soldiers overseas dying.



          In a world with so many major issues I guess it is nice to hear some good news. On another note, why do we really even care?





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            Posted by slacker - September 5, 2011 at 2:39 pm

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