ASK IRA: Can the Heat land Chauncey Billups? – Miami Heat – Sun-Sentinel

Q: after reading Chauncey’s comments, I’m convinced he’d rather sit out the year than play somewhere he doesn’t want to be. Do you think those teams under the cap will heed his warnings? — Eddy.

A: I think the league, especially the small-market teams, are at a point where they are beyond tired of the bullying by players. So, yes, I think at least one team operating below the cap will put in a claim for Chauncey, essentially forcing his hand if he wants to collect the balance of his contract. if he doesn’t report, he doesn’t get paid. Depending on the rules, which remain somewhat unclear at this stage, the claiming team could then try to flip him for at least a draft pick. but considering the amount of players who have bullied themselves into prime landing spots recently, who knows? I do think the Heat would hold the door open for him, considering they did that for Mike Bibby, who is not nearly the player that Chauncey still could be.

Q: Why do the Heat not have the bi-annual exception, as you tweeted? Did they use it last year? — Diego.

A: they don’t have it because of where they stand against the luxury tax and the fact that they utilized the lower-tier mid-level exception on Shane Battier. the good news is by not utilizing the full mid-level, they still can sign any player to a veteran-minimum deal. Essentially, it’s minimums only for the balance of the season for the Heat.

Q: Do we even discuss the thought of D-Wade for Howard?  it makes some sense, right? I know it isn’t Brook Lopez and a first-round pick, but it’s more star appeal for Orlando. — Stephen.

A: I can’t fathom the Magic taking that, with Dwyane getting on in years. I do know the Heat would not offer LeBron. In fact, for all the Heat has done to lure the likes of Battier and Bosh, I doubt they would move either Wade or LeBron for anyone any time soon. if Orlando was in position to see if the Heat again come up short this season, that would be one thing, but the clock is ticking for the Magic.

Q: if the David West-Jermaine O’Neal sign-and-trade deal goes through and New Orleans waives O’Neal, as expected, could an O’Neal-Heat reunion make sense? — Adrian.

A: Jermaine burned a bunch of bridges when he was here, let alone his claims of turning down Heat offers when he left. I’m not sure the fences could be mended, or if an attempt even would be made by the Heat.

Q: With injuries to Mike Miller and Eddie House, the Heat sign James Jones. Were there not other options? and why Eddie House? — Chet.

A: not ready-to-go options familiar with the system. and there was no choice with Eddie, he invoked his player option last June.

ASK IRA: Can the Heat land Chauncey Billups? – Miami Heat – Sun-Sentinel

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