As of today who is more in trouble: Phoenix Suns or Dallas Mavericks?

I think the Dallas Mavericks is more in trouble because the Phoenix Suns are goin threw an adjustment period with Shaq. The Dallas Mavericks are not goin threw a adjust period with Jason Kidd. plus the Mavericks are in the 7th seed right if they loss 1 or 2 more games they are likely out of the playoff picture.

phoenix….come on they traded marion for shaq
miami lost nothing
its almost like lakers trade
they lost nothing

Each is worse off than the other.

I believe that the suns are in more trouble. Because ever since Shaquile O'neal came to phoenix, it has become the land of the dying sun! So in response to your question…Phoenix is in more trouble.

dirk should come to the spurs next year. At least he'll win a championship in San Antonio.

Dallas is trying to get rid of Avery Johnson and replace him with Paul Westphal. Bet on it. either that, or you will soon see Dirk asking for a trade next year.

Ya I totally agree!!! The Mavs just suck but I think the Suns are just goin through a rough period because not like they got just another ordinary player added to their team like everyone else they got a huge ginormous man with so much ego, pride, and personality that is so different from anyone they've ever had!! its gonna be a while before they figure out how exactly to incorporate his strengths and weakness into their style of game but it will happen! :)

Phoenix is. Look, they have replaced the Matrix with a dead weight. Somehow, their scoring power have decreased and based on the last 6 games, Shock ( I mean Shaq ) was a non factor on defense either. Imagine, the lowly Sixers overran them on their turf. how in the world can Steve and D Antoni sleep these days?

The Mavs on the other hand have better hopes with Jason Kidd, why? Dallas just replaced some of their non-factor players with an explosive one. Kidd produces triple-doubles alot in new Jersey. It's a matter of transitions and adjustments with his new team and they'll be on top again.

i dont think phoenix or dallas has much to worry about. they all should go over to iraq and then worry who will make it to the playoff. get a life and just join something. what a bout gay rights. that is the answer isnt it. i win 10 points

well not out of the playoff picture itll be a tight race to the end between golden state(who will make it led by the master of the faces the kind of short shorts BARON DAVIS) houston(who cant keep winning forever) dallas(who i think will make it) phoenix(i dont think will make it bad trade) and denver(nope sorry)

they wont be out of the playoff picture but i think they will make it and suns wont that wasnt a good trade sorry

Both will make the post season.
Denver will be out of the playoffs.

I think Dallas are in more trouble. Sure they got Jason Kidd, but they have no inside presense. They got rid of Diop as a backup to Dampier and have no one else that can match up with Amare Tim Duncan, Bynum, Gasol etc.
Jason Kidd was not the answer to Dallas winning a championship. The suns at least have some hope with Shaq. He can still block and rebound and be a presence in the paint.

the suns are in more trouble because they are much older…and im going to say this right now dont be suprised if they dont make the playoffs next year…dallas still has dirk josh howard and jason terry… while the whole suns starting line up is above the age of 30 except amare
shaq-36 soon
thats enough to convince me that suns will have a way lower chance in the west…and watch for portland next year

Definitely the Mavs….
They just got their general on the court but they just lost the inside presence, at the time where the Lakers, Suns, Cavs, Celtics and Spurs getting big on the trade, the Mavs actually getting smaller….they got no true big man at all…..

As of today who is more in trouble: Phoenix Suns or Dallas Mavericks?

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